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Keep up passengers’ mood despite waiting times?

This must not necessarily be contradictory:

Passenger satisfaction is all about expectation management. If an airport is capable of showing accurate predicted waiting times to passengers, on screens or on a mobile app, passengers know what they have to expect and keep their calm while flowing through the airport.

Especially as long queues do not necessarily mean long waiting times: If a passenger has to wait for a longer time, it is much more acceptable if this is known to him or her in advance.

Therefore displaying predicted waiting times is mandatory for state-of-the-art airports taking care about passenger experience.

Going beyond this, quality airports can use real-time passenger flow data and information to dynamically route passengers through their facilities, aided by digital signage. This helps airports to balance the load on their facilities, and tactically steering the passenger flows.

The Xovis Passenger Tracking System (PTS), used in over 20 airports worldwide, currently the market leader for passenger tracking and flow analysis systems.

Xovis PTS not only delivers very accurate measured waiting times, queue lengths and process times, but also highly reliable predicted waiting times to display to passengers when entering the queue. In large area multi-queue scenarios such as Check-in, Xovis PTS currently is the only reliable system in the market.

The related unique Xovis Multisensor and Queue Detection functionality is also available for retail applications. Read more customer success stories here.

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