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Why high sample rates matter

Showing a 15 minutes waiting time in front of an empty queue not only annoys your passengers but decreases trust. Expectation management and passenger satisfaction closely correlate; by displaying accurate waiting time to your passengers, you gain their trust and they keep their calm.

The key to successfully display waiting time and provide your passengers with reliable information is based on accurate measurement. Its failure lies in vague estimations or attempts of statistical calculations.

To collect accurate data, one needs to know exactly, how many passengers are located in a designated area at any given time. Also, the in- and outflow of a queue needs to be measured accurately.

This aggregated data allows an airport to provide its customers with valuable information such as correct waiting times in front of a queue. Otherwise, the predicted wait time in front of a queue fails to inform your customer correctly.

Resulting in scenarios like showing a wait time of 15 minutes in front of an empty queue or worse – predicting one minute when your passengers actually need 20 minutes to go through security. This is why high sample rates matter and also why over 27 airports worldwide trust in Xovis.

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