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Xovis, more than traffic counting

How to reassure the customer journey
and improve your product placement

Have you ever thought about using Xovis data for more than just counting and tracking? For example, for advanced in-store analytics, to optimize the effectiveness of your product placement or to find out how people move around in your store and how much time they spend in a certain area even.

In the age of the customer, gaining insights into data like this is of great value for any retail professional. By finding out about the most frequented spots in your store and visualizing your customer’s behavior engagement can be increased. It is possible to find the best place to expose products and increase the effect of advertising. Increased business performance results out of an improved shop arrangement; it is possible to verify the people flow in a physical retail business based on real-time data and manage the instore experience accordingly.

Improved instore experiences are based on advanced in-store analytics. This sounds complicated but in fact it is not; functionalities needed for an improved set up of and an optimized product exposure are already part of the Xovis Sensor System.



Heat Maps

Which paths do people take while floating through your stores? What point attracts people the most, where do they spend more than average time? Are some shelfs skipped often? Does your intended guidance work?

Xovis sensors can be stitched together with the built-in software automatically. They then generate a live heat map, giving you a graphical representation of all travelling paths and their importance. This unique feature supports up to nine sensors and allows to cover large areas with unmatched precision.

Zone Dwell Time

How much time do people spend in a certain area or zone? Does your campaign attract people to stop there and for how long? How many of your customers just pass by?

Xovis sensors provide detailed dwell time measurement for up to 8 individual zones per sensor or multisensor. Dwell time can be viewed in a detailed histogram, giving you insights on different partitions of waiting times e.g. how many people just pass by a product, how many quickly stop there, how many are attracted for longer? For a quick overview, each zone also delivers an average dwell time value. All these values are stored on the device for up to 4 months and are fully available through the Web GUI and the API.

Limitless Analytics

Want to get deeper insights for your product placement? The Xovis sensor built-in Object and Event Stream enables a limitless analysis and allows you to apply already existing algorithms. The Event Stream provides you with live events of every person tracked by a Xovis Sensor, like zone entry, zone exit, line crossings or generation and deletion events. The Object Stream even delivers live tracking coordinates of all persons tracked by a Xovis sensor or multisensor, up to 30 times a second.

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