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Retail Customers

You are a retail analytics provider and you are looking for a flexible people counting and tracking hardware platform that can manage all area coverage and mounting height requirements in a single product portfolio? It needs to be easy to integrate, plug-n-play and future-proof? You are a retailer looking for the most accurate and yet nice looking people counting device? The Xovis PC-Series sensor platform is what you are looking for.

The Xovis PC Series

The Xovis PC-Series is the most complete 3D people counter portfolio available


A wide range of features like people counting, conditional count, person height detection, queue detection, plug-and-play wizard based installation and many more are supported.


The integrated plug-in architecture allows to extend the sensor functionality with features like Object Stream, Event Stream and the high performance Multisensor plug-in.

Reduces Costs

The standard API and the simplified configuration are significantly decreasing integration and installation costs for system integrators.

Highest Accuracy and Stability

Thanks to the high performance 3D stereo vision technology, the PC-Series is very robust against all kinds of external influences such as shadows, light changes and heat emissions.

Future Proof

Xovis PC-Series is a future-proof and safe investment: Already installed sensors can be upgraded in the field with actual firmware upgrades to apply new features.

Investment Protection

Our products are using a standard interface allowing the integration into any higher-level system. This gives customers the freedom to change their management system without replacing the installed people counters.

Privacy Protection

The PC-Series contains a mechanism to define up to 4 different privacy protection levels.

Low Total Lifetime Cost

The sensors are factory-calibrated and once they are installed, there is no need to change settings again. Xovis PC-Series offers true “Swiss Made” quality and reliability with a mean time between failures of the sensors (MTBF) of 25 years.

Customer Success Stories

Xovis partners with VisionArea for Milan Expo 2015

Xovis was chosen to support VisionArea at the Expo Milano 2015.

Logo RetailNext

RetailNext chooses Xovis

Xovis AG announces a strategic cooperation agreement with RetailNext, the worldwide expert and market leader in retail analytics for brick-and-mortar stores.

Logo Watcom

Xovis goes Russia

Xovis proudly announces that it has started a strategic partnership with Watcom Group, a people flow analysis pioneer in Russia since 1999.

Logo Lab4Motion.

Lab4motion and Xovis collaborate

Xovis AG announces a strategic cooperation agreement with Lab4motion, a company quickly expanding and capturing a significant share in the video customer behavior analysis market segment.

Why System Integrators Love our Products

Xovis PC-Series is providing reliable and very accurate data combined with ease of use.

Real-time Analysis

The whole 3D image processing is performed on the sensor itself. No additional servers are needed for image processing. In addition, the PC-Series features an ultra-wide viewing angle to cover wide passages and large areas with a single sensor.

Ease of use

The sensors are easy to use because there is no need for any additional software or hardware. This dramatically reduces the total cost of ownership (TCO).

Small Product Range covering a wide Application Range

From 2.2m up to 20m installation height and up to 100 m2 effective tracking coverage.


Xovis engineers are continuously working on new features with the goal to ensure the best-in-class product defining the industry standard for 3D people counting sensors.

KPI Measurement and Monitoring

Besides standard applications like traffic counting, zone occupancy, dwell times and heatmaps, event and object stream data is available for high-level integration and analysis.

Xovis Partner Program

Xovis offers a three level partner program with interesting benefits for long-term partners. Become either a Certified, Silver or Gold Xovis Partner.

Focus on the Market

We have a clear market focus and are always adapting and developing further our products based on customer feedback and market requirements.

Xovis Partner Program

We value our Partners

The Xovis Partner Program is the sales and marketing program for value-added resellers, system builders, retailers who are reselling the PC-Series portfolio or have integrated into their solution the very accurate people counting provided by our products. Our mission is to support our partners by providing sales and marketing tools as well as dedicated sales and technical support from our experienced employees.

Xovis Partner Program levels:

The Certified Partner

is the first level of the Xovis Partner Program, which acknowledges Xovis partners who are actively selling our solutions. Admission to this level is dependent on successful completion of required training classes, demonstrated ability to provide level-one support to end users, and proven ability to meet minimum purchasing volume requirements.

The Silver Partner

is the second level of Xovis's Partner Program rewarding partners who are proactively promoting and selling our PC-Series as their preferred platform. These partners lead with the Xovis solution in all potential projects and have an in-depth understanding in the implementation and support of the PC-Series. This level provides partners with additional status privileges such as sales leads, training discounts, priority technical support, and co-marketing opportunities. A limited number of partners are accepted within this level per region.

The Gold Partner

is the highest level of the Xovis’s Partner Program and recognizes partners who are proactively promoting and selling Xovis's products. "Gold Partners" have proven experience implementing and supporting these products. They receive additional status privileges by successfully completing all advanced-level training classes, providing quarterly business strategy updates, and demonstrating exceptional business performance. These partners lead with Xovis products in all potential projects. Benefits of this partnership include the first option for sales leads, prioritized service with technical support, and co-marketing activities.

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