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Airport Products

The Xovis Passenger Tracking System (Xovis PTS) enables airports to reach new levels of Passenger Flow Management in terms of measurement as well as analysis. Besides normal Passenger Counting and tracking, Xovis PTS also precisely measures process and waiting times in queuing areas, queue fill levels and in and outflow as well as counts of open lines and desks. The behavior of passengers can be analyzed, and the Passenger Flow can be managed by adjusting signalization and controlling escalators for example.

Airport Products Overview

Our PC Sensors

The Xovis PC2/3 3D stereo vision person tracking sensor is the most advanced technology for person, vehicle and bag tracking available today worldwide. On-sensor video-analytics (no video needs to be streamed from the sensor), multi-sensor capability, the ability to manage mounting heights of up to 20 meters as well as an area coverage of 100 m2 per sensor are unique features that optimally address the challenges of airports when it comes to Passenger Tracking and Passenger Flow Monitoring.

Xovis Suite

The Xovis XS Suite is a Windows server-client software, which receives the data streams (no video, just moving coordinates for every single passenger) from all sensors, calculates based on these streams all KPIs, including waiting times, process times, people counting etc. Thresholds and Service Levels can be set and monitored, alarming rules help to get notified.

The PC Sensors

Have a look at our Sensors

The Xovis 3D Stereo Vision Person Tracking Sensor Series comprises two sensor types: the People Counting Sensor 2 (PC2) and the People Counting Sensor 3 (PC3). For every sensor, the mounting height lies between 2.2 m up to 20 m. To optimize the area coverage the sensors are availabe with various different lens options; the PC 2 Series comes with three options while the PC 3 Series are featured with even five lens choices. Starting at an installation height around 6.5 m, a constant coverage of 100 square meters is granted.The Xovis PC 3D stereo vision sensor integrates a powerful and specialized processing engine, implemented in FPGA technology, that makes it possible to perform all video analytics (full-image individual passenger tracking) on the sensor itself. Since the whole processing is performed on the sensor, no video streaming is necessary, and data privacy is guaranteed. Compared to normal video technologies, the 3D technology is much more robust.


Xovis People Counting Sensor 2, called PC 2.

PC2 3D sensor with eye distance of 10 cm

PC3 3D sensor with eye distance of 30 cm

Features of the Xovis 3D Technology

Data streams sent out by the sensor are so-called “Dot Streams”, meaning a constant stream of moving dots, in which the dots represent moving coordinates for every single passenger.

Live View

All tracked persons are visualized as moving dots on a still background image in real-time. The actual situation can be supervised. All applications, such as People Counting and Waiting Time Measurements are based on this tracked data.


All tracked data can be recorded and stored in the database, and the “Dot Stream” view can be replayed later for in-depth analysis of critical Passenger Flow Situations.


To increase visibility range of a single sensor, Xovis developed the Multisensor Technology: several sensors with overlapping viewing ranges are combined to cover larger areas. In the total area, an overall person tracking is performed.

Xovis multisensor sytem.

Mounting Options

Click on cover white, for the People Counting Sensor 2.

Standard Housing

  • Description: white or anthracite click-on cover
  • Mounting options: surface-mounted with back exit, surface-mounted, free-floating
  • Dimensions: 130 mm x 94 mm x 30 mm (LxWxH)
People Counting Sensor 2 flush mounting kit.

Surface Mounted Housing Kit

  • Description: ceiling mounting box for sensor body, white or anthracite cover
  • Mounting options: flush-mounted
  • Dimensions: 160mm (diameter), 10mm visible height of mounted cover
People Counting Sensor 2, outdoor housing.

Outdoor Housing

  • Description: water and dust protection under the standard IP65, operation temperatures between -20 and +50 degrees Celsius
  • Mounting options: flush-mounted
  • Dimensions: 168mm (diameter)
People Counting Sensor 2, pivot mount kit.

Pivot Mount Angle Kit

  • Description: Drop pole pivot mount
  • Mounting options: Mounting plate with 3 screws / M10 thread

Xovis XS Software Suite

The all-in-one Software

The XS Suite is a Windows server-client software, which receives the data streams (no video, just moving coordinates for every single passenger) from all sensors. Calculated on these streams are KPIs, including Waiting Times, Process Times and People Counting. Thresholds and Service Levels can be set and monitored. Provided alarming functions help to get notified.    

Capabilities of the XS Suite

The Xovis XS Software Suite supports a PDCA (Plan–Do–Check–Adjust) like cycle for the continuous monitoring and improvement of Passenger Flows and Processes:


all KPIs, all over the airport, 24/7, with the highest accuracy and stable sample rates of up to 98%.




the number of arriving passengers and waiting times, as well as recommendations regarding number of lines and desks to open in order to meet with certain Service Level Agreements.




Passenger Flow and resources before long queues occur, be one step ahead.




overall airport performance, increasing passenger experience and lowering operations costs.



Xovis Server

The XS Server receives the data streams (no video, just moving coordinates for every single passenger) from all sensors. Databases can be used for configuration data, measurement data and streaming data. The server software has a base layer that features sensor and multi-sensor management, configuration as well as visualization and outputs the tracking data. On top of the base layer, different application modules can perform the required algorithms to calculate waiting times and similar features based on the tracking data.  The reporting functionality of the XS Server is based on Excel templates, which can automatically be refreshed and sent to email recipients.

Xovis Clients

The XS Suite contains the following Clients:



Management of all sensors, including parameter adjustment, multi-sensor stitching and firmware updates.

XS Configuration Client

This Client displays dashboards for monitoring KPIs, live views, heatmaps, dwellmaps and so on. The following screenshot shows KPI indicators: 90% quantile of waiting daily time, fill level, actual waiting time, forward-looking waiting time.

XS View Client

Capabilities of the View Client in any web browser.

XS Web Client

Shows dashboards and alarms on iOS and Android mobile devices, first versions available in 2016.

XS Mobile Apps

Forecast of waiting times (for the next 30 minutes) as well as passenger volumes and optimized asset opening patterns over the next 24 hours. Works for all areas that are equipped with Xovis sensors, available in 2016.

XS Forecast

Exemplary Use Cases

Check-in Waiting Time and Process Time Measurement

Accurate KPI measurement is a key competence of Xovis PTS. Currently, no other system on the market manages to measure check-in processes as accurate as our sensors. Any unstructured area without defined entry and exit points, where passengers, “meeters and greeters”, visitors, and staff come together are analyzed precisely by the Xovis PTS.

  • Total area coverage
  • All queues in area automatically detected 
  • Queues are allocated to relevant desks 
  • Waiting times and queue length stored per desk
  • Detected queues are visualized in real-time
  • Display of allocated desks
  • Separates queues before check-in 
  • Display of waiting time, fill level and two configurable KPIs for each queue 
  • Daily desk allocation view can be compared with planning data 
  • Performance reports for individual stakeholders can be generated

Check-in Application

Copenhagen Airport, T2 Check-in Hall

Full coverage of Check-in area
with 56 desks (1500 m²)

  • 15 PC3 sensors, 10 m ceiling height
  • Real-time queue/desk detection
  • Measuring queue length, waiting times and outflow
  • Live view with two KPI status indicators
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Waiting Time Measurement at Security Control Area

  • Fill level is determined directly: number of persons in detected queue
  • Waiting Time Measurement by tracking every person in the queue
  • Accurate display of the expected waiting time for passengers entering the queue
  • Throughputs and opening times for security control line are measured
  • Queuing-zone is completely covered with sensors
  • Automated Queue Detection: the queue is detected automatically from that point backwards
  • Several queues can be detected dynamically in the same area

A Complex Security Checkpoint Waiting Time

Vienna International Airport, Terminal 3, Security checkpoint

Full coverage of security checkpoint area (1000 m²) with 16 sensors

  • Measurement of waiting times, using queue detection
  • Detection of dynamic lane allocation
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Process & Asset Performance Analysis

The Xovis PTS allows to analyse process and asset performance by measuring process/counter performance at security checkpoints, check-in and passport control. The live data via dashboard as well historical data are accessible.

 The following KPIs are recorded:

 Actual throughput

  • Maximal throughput; performance (90% percentile of daily throughput, only sampled when the process is under pressure)
  • Process time
  • Pax per day
  • Total open time per day
  • Open and close status

Process and Line Performance Dashboard

Zurich Airport, centralized security control building

  • Individual measurements of all 26 security checkpoints
  • Live status view

Passenger Flow Analysis with Direction of Travel Analysis (Heat and Dwellmaps)

The following features evaluate the Xovis PTS in terms of Passenger Flow Analysis with Direction of Travel Analysis:

  • “Dot Stream” view, playback of recorded dot streams
  • Heatmaps, playback over time
  • Xovis heatmaps using true person movements
  • Path maps
  • Maps indicating Direction of Travel

Full Coverage of a Terminal

Stuttgart Airport, Terminal 1

Full coverage of complete terminal (800 m²), using 19 sensors:

  • Dwell time at self check-in
  • Waiting times at all check-ins
  • Waiting Time Measurement in an undefined waiting area

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